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Tourist Information

Ise Shrine Ise Shrine

Ise Shrine, nicknamed Oise-san, is a large complex of Shinto Shrines. The two largest shrines in the area are the Inner Shrine (Naikū), and the Outer Shrine (Gekū). The Inner Shrine enshrines the sun goddess Amaterasu-Ōmikami. Meanwhile the Outer Shrine enshrines Toyouke-no-Ōmikami, the deity of industry and agriculture. Ise Shrine has a history of 1500 years, and is honored as one of the most sacred Shinto shrines in Japan.

Okage Yokocho Okage Yokocho

Okage Yokocho is a street that is a popular stop for visitors on their way to Ise Shrine. Adjacent to the road leading to the Inner Shrine, there are many souvenir shops and delicious restaurants. With many Ise specialties such as Akafuku Mochi, Okage Yokocho is a popular stop for tourists of all ages from all around the world!

Meoto Iwa Meoto Iwa

Located in the sea near Futami, Meoto Iwa, or the "Wedded Rocks," are two sacred rocks tied together by a sacred straw rope called the shimenawa. It is known as a power spot that has strong spiritual energy that blesses martial harmony and marriage. When the weather is clear, it is possible to see Mount Fuji, which is 200 kilometers away. Every year from May to July, it is possible to see the sunrise from the gap between the rocks.

Mikimoto Pearl Island Mikimoto Pearl Island

Mikimoto Pearl Island is an island very near Toba Aquarium that is renowned for its pearls. Many works with Mikimoto pearls are available on display at the World Expo and in many luxury collections. The island features a pearl museum where you can learn about pearls and aquaculture. On Mikimoto Pearl Island, you are able to buy jewelry crafted from Akoya shellfish and pearls. There is also a daily show featuring ama divers, who are famous for using a traditional diving technique to collect pearls.

Nagashima Resort Nagashima Resort

Nagashima Spa Land is one of Japan's most popular amusement parks located a little over 30 minutes from Nagoya. Though it features many thrilling attractions, such as the Steel Dragon 2000, which is the longest steel roller coaster in the world, and the newly refurbished Hakugei roller coaster, Nagashima Spa Land still has many activities for visitors of all ages. Nearby activities also include Nabana no Sato (a flower park famous in the Tōkai region for its beautiful illuminations), Jazz Dream Nagashima (a large shopping mall), and Nagashima Onsen (a hot springs complex and day spa).

Shima Spain Village Shima Spain Village

Shima Spain Village is a theme park inspired by the passion and joy within Spanish culture. Within the park has white-walled houses and cobblestone slopes of a traditional Spanish townscape. Classic Spanish dishes such as paella are available as well. Attractions include a series of 5 different shows and parades, including flamenco shows and street musicals, as well as a series of different amusement park rides for all ages.
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